Creative dreamers rule the world!

brain-cartoon2Left brain, right brain, what is it all about? Which type are you? Does it matter?

The left part of the brain tends to contain the linear, logical, ordered types of trait; the right the creative, artistic, emotional, imaginative traits. We are in an era where the creative right brain traits are flourishing ahead of left.

Many of the tasks historically undertaken by left-brained biased people are now being done by machines.  Many of them are procedures and rules that computers can perform – accountants beware –

The computer (machine) is no longer important. It’s all about what you are doing with it.


Our timeline journey has taken us from the agricultural (Farming) age to the industrial (Factory workers), from the industrial on to the information age (knowledge workers), and now from the information age to the conceptual age (Creators, empathizers, whole picture players).

Thinking out of the box has become such a regular expression that we are all sick of it but the message behind the statement is more and more important as the western world struggles to keep up with the eastern powerhouses. Outside of the box-thing is precisely why we are in the age of the conceptualist. People with the ability to dream have become so employable.  Corporations are looking to these types of people to jump them ahead to the next phase of human economics.