Is Facebook taking on WordPress?

WordPress the blogging platform that turned itself into the worlds favourite Content Management System (CMS) may be under attack from Facebook for its original blogging crown. WordPress accounts for circa 19% [69m] of all websites built. 69% of those using WordPress are using it as a fully-fledged CMS

Is it becoming eclipsed by Facebook, the social media platform, turning itself into a blogging tool?

Could Facebook be stealing WordPress market share due to the relative ease people find using it? Peer pressure has given impetus to users “having” to learn how it works. This is true of many computer software packages – we only learned Outlook because it was used by near enough everyone we had to communicate with at work due to Microsofts grip on the enterprise market.

WordPress takes a bit of getting used to with out-of-context editing and post creation. Facebook’s “Write something. . . ” seems a whole lot easier & familiar to the masses.

The feature set is getting close with both Facebook Business pages and WordPress being search friendly; both having plugins/app builders; both with some form of comment/reply mechanic; Social Share ability; own domains etc.

Some commenting systems are including both platforms
Some commenting systems are including both platforms


Facebook seems to have certain benefits over WordPress.

  • Business owners can put to use what they have socially learned about Facebook’s platform to build their own business Facebook page for free.
  • A Facebook business page can quickly be recommended to personal profile friends and friends of friends.

WordPress and other of the blogging platforms may well find their original markets shift.

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