It’s a disaster darling

The phrase resonates from the mouth of Craig Revel Horwood and strikes a note to self in my head.

These are the words I’d utter if ever my computer data corrupted, got erased, or, God forbid, got stolen.

You sometimes forget about the cumulative man-(or woman)hours you’ve put into the data that is stored away on your computer. You sometimes forget how unique and precious that data is.

Many wing it and don’t bother to safeguard this precious asset.

Steel yourself, get disciplined and formulate a Disaster Recovery (DR) plan.

I come from a corporate background where DR ran through our veins – hell we’d even test out our plans at least once a year. This involved testing everything. We’d utilise our data backups to rebuild our systems from scratch.

Small businesses don’t have this scale but still have this danger and should also position themselves to be able to recover back to a trading position from a disaster.

This is a serious issue. If you lost everything how long would it take you to get back up and running?

I’ve a few best practice bits of advice:

Keep your antivirus software updated.

Understand how your antivirus software works (scan schedules, full & partial scans etc. )

Have a backup routine that suits your business (hourly, daily, weekly, month end, annual). This will depend on your style of business and its critical roll-back points.

Ensure that at least one copy of your backup data is stored away from where you work (perhaps in the cloud)

Have a further copy of your backup data stored at your place of work (usually on an external hard drive)

Tools I use

Whatever you use, use something robust that will allow you to recover from any disaster someone called Craig throws at you!