Will the QR Code ever be accepted?

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These powerful Quick Response (QR) codes are failing to be utilised correctly and so are frustrating users and providing minimal ROI for business. I still see very little uptake in their appropriate use by organisations. This, in turn, leads to a poor user experience and a resultant downward trend in scans. Perhaps with Apple deciding […]

Is Facebook taking on WordPress?

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WordPress the blogging platform that turned itself into the worlds favourite Content Management System (CMS) may be under attack from Facebook for its original blogging crown. WordPress accounts for circa 19% [69m] of all websites built. 69% of those using WordPress are using it as a fully-fledged CMS Is it becoming eclipsed by Facebook, the social […]

We can all accept credit cards now

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I’ve had this personal thing going on for years. Why, I thought, should a retailer pay to accept credit cards? Surely the credit card companies should be paying the retailer! – Huge cash-flow in their interest earning accounts; unsettled balance earnings from the end customer and they want to charge the poor old retailer as […]

It’s a disaster darling

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The phrase resonates from the mouth of Craig Revel Horwood and strikes a note to self in my head. These are the words I’d utter if ever my computer data corrupted, got erased, or, God forbid, got stolen. You sometimes forget about the cumulative man-(or woman)hours you’ve put into the data that is stored away […]

Print-friendly voucher design

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Promotional activity utilising printable vouchers for presentation at points of sale are useful tools for any business looking to drive turnover for specific products or at specific times of day/week. However, when designing something that needs printing, please spare a thought for the volume of ink used. Many vouchers look fantastic, full colour, funky graphics, […]

Creative dreamers rule the world!

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Left brain, right brain, what is it all about? Which type are you? Does it matter? The left part of the brain tends to contain the linear, logical, ordered types of trait; the right the creative, artistic, emotional, imaginative traits. We are in an era where the creative right brain traits are flourishing ahead of left. […]

The real SE. . . . . Oh!

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Manic about getting to number one on Google? Spending sleepless nights and a great deal of money trying to get there? Then adjust your mindset and get back to your core business. Think about what a search engine is trying to deliver to its customers: The most relevant results based upon a search term The highest […]