Creative dreamers rule the world!

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Left brain, right brain, what is it all about? Which type are you? Does it matter? The left part of the brain tends to contain the linear, logical, ordered types of trait; the right the creative, artistic, emotional, imaginative traits. We are in an era where the creative right brain traits are flourishing ahead of left. […]


The real SE. . . . . Oh!

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Manic about getting to number one on Google? Spending sleepless nights and a great deal of money trying to get there? Then adjust your mindset and get back to your core business. Think about what a search engine is trying to deliver to its customers: The most relevant results based upon a search term The highest […]


QR codes – Big in Japan…

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…takes me back to a sun drenched beach on the Greek island of Agistri. The Island of Agistri It must have been 1984 and Alphaville’s Big in Japan was being played all over a very hot Europe. Four of us had flown out to Greece after leaving Polytechnic, (don’t think they have these anymore), for […]