QR Codes – Ever seen anyone scan one?

I can’t believe that is was the end of 2010 that I first posted about QR codes (QR codes – Big in Japan). I had a firm belief that they were going to be the next big thing but I have been somewhat disappointed with how business has, in the majority, frustrated the end user.

Have you ever seen anyone, apart from me, scanning a QR code? I know I don’t get out much but I can hand-on-heart say I have only ever seen one person attempt it.

I reckon there are a number of factors that contribute to this lack of use but I’m convinced that the overriding issue is where the QR code takes the user. It MUST be to a destination that is optimised for mobile content. By this I mean either a specific mobile website or app. Anything else ends up frustrating the user and they will not bother scanning any again. Consider the  context – the user is probably at the mercy of mobile network speeds.

All businesses have a duty to make the end user experience of a QR Code a delight. Don’t do it and no-one will give traction to this nifty marketing tool and no-one will realise any ROI.