The real SE. . . . . Oh!


Manic about getting to number one on Google? Spending sleepless nights and a great deal of money trying to get there? Then adjust your mindset and get back to your core business.

Think about what a search engine is trying to deliver to its customers:

  • The most relevant results based upon a search term
  • The highest quality of the most relevant results
That’s the core business of a search engine.

Sure there are conventions and some tricks out there but focussing on your core business and providing great products and service is the real SEO.

Many SEO techniques are about having logical organised structure. Is it clear what the webpage is about? (Relevant, beneficial content is king – blogs are important and show that your site is alive & up-to-date) Are there hierachical, on-topic headings and sub-headings? Do images tell me what they are as well as show me what they are?  It is this clarity and tidyness that assists machine understanding.

The engine loves links to your site from another site.  But it will give ranking favour if links pointing to your site are from a recognised, authoritative, affiliated industry site. Why would anyone link to your site? Because you are held in high regard and are satisfying your customers to such an extent that other sites want to be associated with and promote your success. . . .[Focus on your core business]

Social media mayhem also works this way. Why would anyone “Like”, “Tweet”, “+1”, or “Connect” you/about you/with you? Because you are benefitting them in some way with your business. . . [Focus on your core business] The engines are watching and scoring this activity.

I’m no SEO guru, I’m a businessman who builds websites, and there will be experts out there who can do all manner of clever things to get you to number 1 position but only for a while because there is and never will be any long-term substitute for a well run business that is focussed on delivering its promise to all of its customers all of the time – this activity is constant and is the ultimate goal for a search engine to find. Engines will change the maths on a frequent basis in their quest achieve this goal – all you have to do is focus on it and never waiver.

On reading through articles on the recent Google Penguin update I smile when I see statements like:

“Optimising these particular elements is acceptable as long as it benefits the user

“Ensure titles, descriptions, headings, and alt text are different and beneficial to the end user”

“. . . is this page here to benefit the usability of my website or here just for SEO purposes?”

Follow the organisational rules for SEO but don’t ever let SEO take over your life.

The real SEO – focus on your core business